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Addiction Affairs is here to help you break free from your addiction, so that you can get back to living a meaningful life.

If you or someone you know has been directly affected by addiction, then you are in the right place. From Addiction to Overdoes, we cover it all.

We have free resource that are available to anyone struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

We work hard everyday to help the world end our addiction crisis by creating resources and working in the community to find solutions to this epidemic.


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Every month there are over 30 million people using illegal drugs in America alone. And more than 800,000 people die every year from alcohol related deaths. Over half of America's population is affected by this illegal drug and alcohol abuse, so much that it has become a serious worldwide epidemic.

Addiction Affairs is here to help put the breaks on addiction, so you can get back to enjoying life in a meaningful way.

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Our Mission

We help people put the breaks on their addition for good.

At Addiction Affairs, our vision is to become a resource that helps everyone affected by illegal drug and alcohol use to live their best life free from their addictions.

We are an organization that's committed to helping those who are struggling with addiction, recovering from addiction, and at risk for addiction. As a point often overlooked, we offer an extend hand to those who have lost someone they love to addiction.

Our resources are designed with this purpose in mind, so that everyone affected by illegal drug and alcohol abuse can live the life they deserve.

We offer educational guides to understand how addiction affect us, drug facts, a shop, and links for counseling, rehab, support group, and emergency services.

Most importantly, we offer beacons of hope, so that you can walk away from your addictions and never look back. We have captivating stories from people who broke free from their addictions and other interesting content that may change your life.

Make sure you you explore our site and shop at our store, and subscribe to our newsletter to show your support.

We do everything in our power to help you break up with drugs for good. End the Affair with Addiction.


When Addiction Meets RecoveryEmbrace Your Story. It Will Inspire Others.


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Understanding Drugs: For Better or Worse

Our Addiction Resource Hub is designed to help you better understand drug types, their side effects and dangers, and how and when you can use them in safely. For better or worse. Right? Learn more below.

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  • Alcohol Facts
  • Drug Remedies

Addiction Stats

Numbers Speak Volumes

Here are the latest stats on addiction. Check out our Resources to learn more about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

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